Park location

Na Špici park is part of the urban greenery of the Elbe and Chrudimka rivers.

It is defined in the north and west by the confluence of both rivers and in the South by Spojil’s drains.

In the east, it is defined by the tip of the garden and cottage settlements towards the Elbe.

Exceptional location

The Park is exceptional due to its location at the confluence of the Elbe and Chrudimka rivers, as well as its closeness to the historical center of the town.

Due to its location, along with the central water body Cičák, which is an important landscape element, it is a habitat of many bird species.

Na Špici park is an ideal place for recreation, sports and entertainment.

Access ways

you can get to the Park in 6six different ways indicated in the map on the right, including the footbridge over the river Chrudimka.

Opening hours – pavilion

May – October: Mon – Thu 10 – 20 hod, Fr – Sun 10 – 21 hod
November – April: 10 – 16:30 hod

Information – contact

Park owner: Statutory city of Pardubice
Park operator: Pardubice district 1